The Meeting After The Meeting

Post Meeting Discussion

Having problems with back channel conversations taking place after your team meetings?

This is often the case when team members don’t feel comfortable raising concerns or disagreeing during team discussions.

How can you begin to shift these behaviors?

Foster a positive environment where all ideas and opinions are welcomed to be discussed. Ensure that everyone understands that sharing thoughts, feelings and ideas are welcome and will not be met with criticism or being shut down. As a leader, it’s your job to model the right behaviors, so make sure you have your own behaviors in check, as your employees will be looking to you to demonstrate that it’s okay to dive in.

It’s not an easy thing to shift in a team where sharing hasn’t been part of the culture, but it can be done with focus, consistency, and allowing people the space to experiment, fail, and learn. Oh, and don’t forget to acknowledge the progress to the team as they become more comfortable and try on this new way of engaging.

We have used, with success, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ with teams to our clients understand how these behaviors can create the space for robust conversation leading to greater buy-in and commitment to decisions.  It even helps them to support the decision, even when in disagreement.

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