Leadership Development

Effective leadership begins with a distinct and significant shift from the role of an individual contributor (or subject matter expert) and tactical mindset to that of strategic guide and influencer within an organization. We are prepared to work with you to design the individual blue print for success, including the utilization of valid and reliable assessments coupled with impactful executive coaching and learning opportunities aimed at increasing awareness of your leadership strengths and growing those behaviors with greatest impact to your success.

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    Executive/Leadership Coaching

    You’re broken! You need a coach.

    These are often the words most executives and leaders hear from someone above them, who by the way has probably been instructed to offer this solution by an HR leader along the way. There is nothing wrong with this, and yet there is. You see, rather than hiring a coach to assist the leader proactively in their role, most HR leaders within an organization reach out to this type of help when everyone is at their wits end. It’s a last ditch effort. Suddenly what took years for the leader to dig themselves into is expected to amazingly disappear in just a few coaching sessions. It can work in either situation, but the time horizon for seeing results is a bit more elongated and requires a lot more sweat equity on all the stakeholders.

    There is value in providing a coach to help a leader onboard to a new position, expand their role to lead additional areas, as well as during periods of maladjustment.

    What is Executive Coaching?

    We like the way the Institute of Coaching (IOC) defines executive coaching in that “the practice of executive coaching is consistently evolving to incorporate new perspectives from disciplines, specialities, and backgrounds.” This is important because there is no one right way to approach coaching, because the approach needs to be as unique as the person and situation being explored. The IOC goes on to say that “the inter-disciplinary nature of coaching is becoming informed by areas such as neuroscience, positive psychology, medicine, wellness, education, the arts, sports, law, and anthropology.”

    Again, this is great news because it provides great tools for coaches to be more agile when working with an individual.

    If you would like to know more about the coaching model we utilize in our work, please contact us for a complimentary exploratory session to determine the right solution for your business.

    ** Please note that no HR leader was harmed in the writing of this message. Our HR partners are busy doing what they need to get accomplished with a plate that is beyond full in the shift and changes of their own profession. We are there to compliment their services within the organization. Remember, it takes a village and no person is an island unto themselves.

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    Executive/Leadership Development

    Coaching is about enhancing current capabilities and learning new ways of leading, listening and thinking critically and strategically. We accomplish this through workshops or one-on-one learning aimed at providing new tools, methodologies, and approaches to leadership.

    A critical component to success in leadership is the belief and action of continuous learning. Marshal Goldsmith says it well in the title of his book, “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There.” Whether it is upward mobility or taking on new challenges in the changing business climate or global economy, a leader must continue to learn new ways of approaching their challenges to retain or build competitive advantage for their business (not to mention retain their position within the company and inspire a followership to achieve results).

    A Successful Model of Development

    We utilize the Leadership Pipeline model (Ram Charan) as a basis for understanding generally what leaders should be required to demonstrate at the various levels of leadership within an organization. At each level there is (1) embracing something new, (2) bringing something forward, and (3) letting something go. It is in these three areas we find leaders most need development and coaching, as a failure in any of these three areas mean a stumble for them, their department, company, or team. Additionally, as Ram Charan states in his powerful writing, most leaders are operating at least 1 to 2 levels below the role they currently hold.


    Additionally, we utilize the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (self and 360), published by Management Research Group to assess a baseline of where the leader is in 22 proven areas of leadership effectiveness. Once we work together to define the areas required to take the business forward, we will perform a 360 assessment to gain multi-rater viewpoints and assess ongoing effectiveness of the leader.

    Our approach is to understand your business strategy so that we are able to aim the strategic and tactical requirements of the leader’s role and the designed development and coaching approach to the achievement of the right business results.

    To discuss specific approaches to your business challenges and opportunities, contact us for a complimentary discovery session to explore what’s possible for your leader and your company.

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    High-Potential Development/Coaching

    High Potentials = Tomorrow’s Organization

    A successful People Strategy of any winning organization includes the identification and development of high potentials (HI-PO’s) within it’s ranks. Organizations are spending endless time and dollars to perfect their Talent Management and Succession Planning approaches to determine who has the wherewithal to stand in leader positions tomorrow. Unfortunately, the Peter Principle is still alive and well in organizations today, and many leaders and HR leaders are blindly identifying “subject matter experts” and “technical gurus” as tomorrows leaders, despite the absence of demonstrated leadership.

    Success Factors

    It’s important to anticipate and understand the success factors for a given leadership role beyond the technical expertise needed for a given industry or profession, especially when selecting someone to lead your company. The wrong hire or selection can do damage to your reputation, company standing, and competitive advantage (not to mention the collateral damage left in the wake of a poor leadership fit.

    “It doesn’t matter if the CFO is the best finance guru known to man if they can’t inspire others to follow and believe in their vision.” T Qafzezi

    Our Approach

    We start by understanding the landscape of your business and the role requirements to meet the challenges that are known and anticipated in the future.
    Next, we work with you to understand the organizational and cultural challenges a leader faces in navigating the organization of today and understanding the desired culture shift for tomorrow.

    Create a Success Profile of what the ideal incumbent should possess for success in the role.

    Assess potential candidates to provide coaching, feedback and development opportunities to determine the right fit and anticipate future success.

    Based in Science

    The approach is uniquely developed based on Organizational Psychology approaches and is modified based on the unique challenges faced by your organization, culture, and business environment/market. Therefore, we welcome the opportunity to understand more about your opportunities and discuss a winning solution for you and your business.

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    Molto Crescendo, Inc. offers assessments to be used as a part of individual or team development processes, executive coaching or executive leadership development. Additionally, we offer workshops targeting each assessment, and the facilitated learnings can be customized for each of your team building or developmental purposes. Examples of some assessments utilized are:

    California Psychological Inventory™
    Coping & Stress Profile®
    Discovering Diversity Profile®
    Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders
    Everything DiSC® Group Culture Profile
    Everything DiSC® Management Profile
    Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile
    Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile
    EQ-i 2.0 (Tool Suite)
    Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ (Wiley and Patrick Lencioni) NEW! CLICK TO FIND OUT MORE!
    Fundamental Interpersonal Relations™ (Firo®)
    Hogan Development Survey (HDS)
    Hogan Judgement Survey
    Hogan Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)
    Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)
    Individual Directions Inventory® (IDI)
    Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA360)
    Personal Directions®
    Personal Listening Profile®
    Reach360 Personal Branding Survey
    Role Expectations™
    Strategic Directions™
    Strong Interest Inventory®
    Team Dimensions Profile®
    Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)
    Time Mastery Profile®
    Work Engagement Profile
    Work Expectations Profile®

    If you would like a sample copy of an assessment report, please request by contacting us.

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    People Development Retainer Services

    Molto Crescendo offers Coaching, Professional Development, Organizational Development and Organizational Psychology retainer services through a contractual business partner arrangement customized to your business needs and budget.

    We’re not interested in telling you what to do, as we are interested in partnering with you to understand your business, leverage what is going well, and help narrow the gap in the capabilities of your leaders, teams, and organizational talent at all levels. We will partner with you and your HR team to focus on your people strategy so you can continue to focus on running your business and maintaining its competitive advantage. The service is designed to fit the specific requirements of your business. Our aim is to deliver an in-house service but without the inherent cost of retaining in-house organizational development and talent development personnel.

    We offer an initial complimentary consultation to understand your business needs and challenges, which allows you and Molto Crescendo to explore the best arrangement for you and your business.

    We’re able to customize an ongoing retainer portfolio of services for you that allows for a specific service or a blend of services. We can create a comprehensive service portfolio that enables you the flexibility to take advantage of all of our services by agreeing upon an estimated number of annual “credits”, which allows you to pick and choose the areas of expertise you apply to the bank of credits to be utilized. Let’s face it, when it comes to developing your leaders, teams and businesses you can’t always have a crystal ball to predict what specific services you will need as the year progresses. Having Molto Crescendo on retainer allows you the security and comfort that you have a competent business partner in your corner to handle your people needs.


    Having a dedicated staff of coaching and people development individuals on the payroll adds to administrative overhead costs to your company. Many businesses still recognize the value of investing in their leaders and organizational talent, yet struggle with the costs of providing these services. And, since you strategically decide where you invest you financial resources, you may find that you want to provide development services without a full-time commitment and associated impact to your bottom line. Our retainer services allow you the flexibility of having someone at your disposal to understand your needs and develop the required solutions to increase the effectiveness of your leaders, teams and business.

    Our comprehensive retainer package will provide you with the assurance that your coaching and development approaches are aligned with your strategy and implemented in a consistent manner.

    Some of the services that seem to work best under this arrangement include:

    Leadership and Management Coaching
    Leadership Development
    High Potential Coaching and Development
    Silent Partner Services (Advisement and Coaching to Leaders)
    Team Development and Coaching
    Cross Boundary Partnership Development
    Leadership Assessments
    Role Expectation Profile/Success Profile Development
    Additional service for retainer may include:

    Change Management Workshops
    Disciplinary Issues
    Employee Performance
    Leadership Performance
    Job Analysis
    Staff Development

    HR retainer fees are based on company size and number of employees. Clients are required to pay a number of months in advance (based on the length of agreement), and monthly thereafter, with a sixty-day cancellation policy.

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