Team Development

There is significant value in the whole of the parts within an organizational system. In today’s world we must interact successfully with others in order to accomplish individual and organizational goals. However, this isn’t always easy to do because your co-workers have individual needs and preferences that may be unlike those important to you. Additionally, the diversity of mindsets and approaches represented within an organization offer unique perspectives to benefit the organization. Leveraging the opportunities and perspectives takes work as you navigate through the relationship dynamics. Through various solutions we are able to increase the social and emotional intelligence of your teams to ensure your teams move from just performing to high performing.


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    Systems Coaching and Development

    Systems coaching and development works with the entire system (e.g. relationships, partnerships, teams, organization) to coach the relationship dynamics. It extends the benefits of individual coaching and development to the “system”. By revealing the system to itself, the individuals within the relationship are able to identify the system’s strengths, opportunities, and potential for success.

    The heart of our approach involves living in “right relationship” within the many systems we operate in on a daily basis by increasing the ability to sustain conscious, intentional and productive relationships. It’s about moving beyond “who is doing what to whom” in service of the unique needs of the relationship system. We couple assessments and targeted workshops with a systems coaching approach to increase individual and team awareness, which leads to healthier team interactions and impactful results.

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    Conflict Resolution

    Many leaders and organizational cultures seek to avoid conflict, as they feel it is counter-productive to obtaining the results they seek. However, we believe that healthy conflict is necessary to ensure organizations don’t fall prey to status quo thinking and end up creating a culture where mediocrity abounds. Our approach to ensuring healthy conflict is to help you create a team culture built on vulnerability based trust where each person has increases awareness of self and the needs of others.  A culture where individuals understand one another make it possible for individuals to reach out to one another for help and admit their mistakes and shortcomings. It is only when a team can be truly authentic with each other that the right and sustainable results are achieved.

    We teach and employ the skills of systems coaching and development techniques to you and your team to ensure you are able to stand in each unique perspective and tap into what is available to you and the group through standing in these new perspectives as you deliver your unique value to your customers and the rest of your organization.

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    Group Culture Alignment

    Through the utilization of specific assessments we are able to increase your awareness of the predominant group culture within your team to understands the strengths and opportunities present in your group. Through this understanding you can ensure the “brand” you team is conveying is the brand you wish to convey to your internal and external customers. Additionally, surfacing this information allows you to understand how each individual in your team interacts with the predominant culture in your team. This helps you to gain insights in to why some flourish and others struggle to adapt to the team culture.  This approach will also enable you to make necessary changes within your team to ensure each individual gets their needs met, which is important to achieving results.

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    Facilitated Learning

    Based on the strategic imperatives for your team and assessment results (if applicable), we are able to design unique learning opportunities for your team. The facilitated learning is designed to increase the behavioral competencies of your teams. Sure, marketing, finance, strategy and the like are all important to achieving organizational results. However, the behavioral accountabilities of your team members are equally important and will derail even the most competent person in the areas of finance, strategy, etc.

    We aren’t about training for the sake of training. We ensure that facilitated learnings are aligned with what you, your team and business require to ensure results are sustainable.

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    Molto Crescendo, Inc. offers assessments to be used as a part of the team development process. Additionally, we offer workshops targeting each assessment, and the facilitated learnings can be customized for each of your team building or developmental purposes. Examples of some assessments utilized for enhancing your team are:

    • Discovering Diversity Profile®
    • Everything DiSC® Group Culture Profile
    • Everything DiSC® Management Profile
    • Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile
    • Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile
    • EQ-i 2.0 (Tool Suite)
    • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ (Wiley and Patrick Lencioni) CLICK TO FIND OUT MORE!!! 
    • Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA360)
    • Personal Listening Profile®
    • Strengthsfinder
    • Team Dimensions Profile®
    • Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)
    • Work Expectations Profile®

    If you would like a sample copy of an assessment report, please request by contacting us

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