You need your leaders to get out of the weeds and actually lead their teams.

We provide talent solutions that help your leaders and organization thrive!

Mission-critical learning in response to COVID-19.

Equipping your leaders and teams to master the virtual workspace.

We are Molto Crescendo

Amplifying the talents of your leaders and teams.

In music, Molto Crescendo signals for a shift in the music’s dynamic. We take that as a constant reminder to focus our attention on the need for shifting the behavioral dynamics within our clients’ organizations.

Meet Our Leader

Thom Qafzezi
President & CEO

We are led by Thom Qafzezi, who founded Molto Crescendo in 2011 after his decision to exit Corporate America following 20 years of working across industries and diverse business structures and sizes. Doing so has allowed him to share his passion and talents with a broader audience - those desiring to experience meaningful and lasting behavioral changes within their organizations.

From our Customers

"Thom is a terrific facilitator with the ability to get an entire audience involved in discussion and issue resolution. His delivery of topics range from management skills to "hard-to-have" discussions and are always up-to-date and understandable."

Windi G.

Director, Business Processing

"I had the opportunity to attend one of your workshops and I wanted to tell you how impressed I was. You turned what could have easily been just another pair of corporate courses into interesting tools and a new way of thinking."

Mike H.

Director, Marketing

Our Clients

Molto Crescendo has consistently delivered, innovative, cutting-edge, performance management solutions to a wide list of organizations.

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