Molto Crescendo: (verb) Musical term signaling for a greater change in dynamics. To increase the volume or intensity.

Molto Crescendo, Inc. takes its name from this definition to serve as a constant reminder to focus our attention on the need for shifting the behavioral dynamic within our clients’ organizations.

We are passionate about our work with leaders and teams, at all levels, to bring about the sustainable behavioral changes needed to support individual, team and organizational success. A leader’s subject matter expertise and technical skill contribute only a small percentage to his or her success, while emotional intelligence, behavioral dynamics, and interpersonal communication skills have a significant impact on success and results. That’s where we come in.

Amplifying the talents of your leaders, teams and organizational talent!

Molto Crescendo specializes in shifting the behavioral dynamic of leaders and teams through executive coaching, team coaching, organizational development, organizational psychology and corporate workshops. Understanding the psychological and brain shifts necessary for sustainable change allows us to blend this knowledge with our coaching and facilitation expertise to co-create success with our clients.

Molto Crescendo is based in South Florida with strategic professional alliances in locations across the United States to service our client’s diverse needs.

At Molto Crescendo, we prefer to be seen as a partner and extension of your Human Resources and Talent Management departments. We also want to be viewed as a valuable partner with your leaders and teams – to be part of the family. Feel free to request a free discovery session to explore how our partnership can help to meet the leadership and team behavioral needs within your organization.

Our Professionals

To meet your specific needs, we have brought together a talented pool of passionate and committed professionals, allowing Molto Crescendo to offer breadth and depth in our services. Our leader, Thom Qafzezi, hand selects experienced, knowledgeable and passionate talent to be part of the Molto Crescendo team so that we can match our capabilities to your specific needs and organizational culture.

We are a specialized team of coaches and facilitators, with a range of professional expertise and leadership experience, including Human Resources, Organizational Development, Operations, Finance, Information Technology, legal and more. Our coaches and facilitators are fully accredited, each with experience that allows them to understand what it’s like to lead within organizations, and what is needed for success.

We share a common passion for helping leaders and teams experience greater success. Our distinction … professionally qualified, creative, innovative, fiercely committed and highly recommended by those who know best – our clients!

Meet Our Leader

Thom Qafzezi
President & CEO

We are led by Thom Qafzezi, who founded Molto Crescendo in 2011 after his decision to exit Corporate America following 20 years of working across industries and diverse business structures and sizes. Doing so has allowed him to share his passion and talents with a broader audience - those desiring to experience meaningful and lasting behavioral changes within their organizations.

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