The Adaptable Manager

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The Adaptable Manager is a course for both leaders and managers within any organization. The course centers around essential relationship skills necessary for anyone who must get results through others.

Everything DiSC® Management

This video introduces Everything DiSC® Management, exploring the model and each of the four DiSC® styles.

This course, powered by the Everything DiSC® Management assessment, creates awareness around the participants unique DiSC Management style. Additionally, they will learn practical strategies for:

  • Directing and delegating
  • Creating a motivating environment
  • Developing others
  • Working more effectively with their boss
The Adaptable Manager engages people managers on a whole new level, helping them achieve superior business results.

The Adaptive Manager is a highly interactive workshop which includes a people reading portion allowing managers gain insights into their employees to put the learning into action as they manage and lead their staff.

Following this class, managers will better understand how to get the most from their employees by adapting their management style. Doing so ensures department and team success, and everyone gets their work needs met. Participants are encouraged to complete an action plan on what they will do differently upon returning to the workplace.
Audience: Any position responsible for achieving results through others.
Session Length: 6 to 7 hours.
Pre-requisites: The completion of a confidential online assessment is REQUIRED to attend the course. Before your session date, the facilitator will send assessment instructions. Behavioral profile results will be provided to each participant during the workshop.

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Our Adaptable Manager course creates an interactive experience for managers and leaders wanting to manage more effectively and foster a more engaging environment. It breaks the cookie cutter style of managing and focuses on meeting the needs of each individual team member. Let’s face it – we manage people, not cookies.

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