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Discover How Vision, Alignment, and Execution Will Change the Way You Lead

The Work of Leaders workshop distills leadership best practices into a simple, compelling process that will help your leaders at all levels get immediate results. Based on research and best practices, Work of Leaders connects to real-world demands, generating powerful conversations that provide a clear path for action.

An Introduction to Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

This video introduces Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®, exploring the “VAE” model of Vision, Alignment, and Execution.

Connects to Real-World Demands
Using the framework of Vision, Alignment, and Execution, Work of Leaders encourages leaders to understand their leadership behaviors and how those behaviors impact their effectiveness. Powered by Wiley’s Everything DiSC Work of Leaders assessment, leaders are presented with rich, compelling profile results leading to increased self-awareness relating to the 18 Best Practices contained in the Work of Leaders model.
Generates Powerful Conversations
Consistently thought-provoking, the Work of Leaders stimulates fresh conversations and perspectives regardless of the leader’s knowledge or experience level. It’s an opportunity for leaders at all levels of learning to reflect on how they approach each step of their work. When conducted as part of an intact-team workshop, Work of Leaders encourages reflection and discussion about the team and the organization.
Provides a Clear Path for Action
This workshop helps leaders take action with personalized tips and strategies that give clear direction and are easy to apply. Context-specific feedback and developmental steps along with helpful case-in-point profile narratives show how progress can play out in real life.
Audience: Leadership levels responsible for crafting vision, gaining buy-in and championing execution.
Session Length: 6 to 7 hours
Pre-requisites: The completion of a confidential online assessment is REQUIRED to attend the course. Before your session date, the facilitator will send assessment instructions. Results will be provided to each participant during the workshop.

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The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders program will help participants approach leadership as a one-to-many relationship, as opposed to the one-to-one relationship explored in The Adaptable Manager program. Based on research-validated best practices, Work of Leaders provides impactful learning that connects to real-world demands, leading to powerful conversations that provide a clear path for action.

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