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90-Day Culture Change Start-Up

This program will provide a strong initial push to jump-start your journey to improved organizational performance through expert guidance, measurement, feedback, and a co-created roadmap for positive culture change.

We get it, culture change can be intimidating, but with our 90-day process, you don’t have to face the cold start alone. Our expert team will guide you through each step, from building understanding to baselining, and help you start up positive and sustainable culture change that aligns with your organization’s goals. With our proven process, you can jump-start your culture change journey with confidence and take your organization to new heights. Don’t let fear hold you back, let us help you create the culture you want for your employees.

Target Audience:

  • Senior Leadership
  • Other levels within the organization, as needed.

Duration: 90 Days

Our 90-Day Culture Change Start-up Program offers two duration options to suit our clients’ needs. For those fully committed, we provide an aggressive and achievable 90-day timeline. Alternatively, we offer a more flexible 4–6-month duration, allowing clients a longer ramp time when resource allocation is limited.

Program Take-Aways:

  • Clarity on how culture change will support organization’s strategic objectives
  • Understanding on how culture works and what to expect on a culture change journey
  • Measurement of your current culture and ideal culture
  • Actionable feedback from employees on highest impact levers for change and effectiveness of the culture
  • Identified change imperatives that support desired shifts in culture
  • Co-created 24-month roadmap and first 90-day implementation plan
  • Quantified and connected platform to successfully continue your culture journey.
So why wait? Contact us today to start your leaders or teams on their journey towards becoming more confident and effective.