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Executive Coaching

As you know, in many organizations, leaders don’t often get to where they are because of their leadership abilities. Sure, they’re great at what they do because of their knowledge and subject matter expertise, but what about their capabilities to lead and get results through others? We believe effective leadership begins with a distinct and significant shift away from the role of an individual contributor and tactical mindset to one of visionary, influencer, and champion. Believe it or not, this critical transition doesn’t just impact first line managers, it can impact a leader throughout their career – all the way to the top.

Shedding the individual contributor mindset requires a leader to see the value and contributions of their workforce and capitalize on the abilities and capabilities of others. Their job is to build organizational talent and champion others to get results – this now becomes their new level of subject matter expertise and knowledge.
At Molto Crescendo, we provide executive coaching services in the greater South Florida area, as well as anywhere in the continental United States where our client organizations take us. Our experienced executive coaching professionals get to know your business needs and culture to ensure we are aligning the coaching with those aspects of your business and culture that bring about the most success. Our coaches will provide you with the tools, strategies, and guidance to realize the leader’s individual goals and that of your organization.
Who Can Benefit from Executive Coaching?
Our executive coaches can provide personalized workplace coaching for managers and leaders across a range of industries and responsibilities, including:

  • directors and executives
  • mid-level and senior professional or technical specialists
  • small business owners
  • managing directors and CEO’s
To excel in a leadership role, one needs high emotional intelligence (EQ), people leadership and team skills to:

  • increase current performance levels
  • navigate office politics
  • navigate the cross-boundary relationships within the organization
  • resolve feelings of discontentment about current role
  • understand oneself and their values
  • improving relationships with employees, peers, and managers
  • work through feelings of work-related conflict or confusion
  • identify causes of workplace stress and develop coping strategies and resolving issues that impact and professional effectiveness
How Does Molto Crescendo Provide Executive Coaching?
First, there is no cookie cutter approach when it comes to executive coaching. While we have a process that begins with the scoping of the executive coaching assignment to recommendations for continued development at the end of the coaching engagement, we tailor each engagement to where the leader is on their leadership journey, and what needed most for optimal success. We will work with you to design the individual blueprint for your leader’s success. We couple this with the utilization of valid and reliable assessments, learning opportunities and impactful coaching aimed at increasing self-awareness to grow those behaviors with the greatest positive impact on the success of your leader and your business.
Some of the ways we can assist your leaders are:

  • reaching their full high-performance potential
  • identifying career detailers that may hamper career progression
  • identifying their unique talents and strengths
  • working on a particular area of workplace concern
  • evaluating the fit with the organizational culture or role
  • achieving performance targets
  • honing their people skills
  • developing greater leadership capability
Our Executive Coaching packages are for a minimum of six months and can be purchased by organizations, or by individuals who are investing in their own professional development.

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Executive Coaching with Molto Crescendo is the premier method to help bring out the best in you.
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