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Building Effective Workplace Relationships

Let’s face it. People go to work to do the job they enjoy doing, yet the people they often have to work with to get things accomplished can seemingly take all the enjoyment out of the job. Yes, they interact with people all day, and know that some relationships go much smoother than others. What if they could understand what it was about others that drive them a little mad inside? What if they could identify strategies to help create understanding and have better relationships with the workplace and at home in the process? What if those strategies impacted the way things got done on the job – increased success?

The Adaptable Manager

Management is a valuable and impactful one-to-one relationship between a manager and each of their direct reports. However, well-meaning managers can slip into the practice of managing others the way they, themselves, prefer to be managed. That rarely works out well and can demotivate and impact employee satisfaction and productivity. What if the manager had the ability to manages others in a way unique to each employee’s needs? What if your managers could have a greater range of capability to engage everyone on their teams?

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The Work of Leaders

Leaders make hundreds of complex decisions daily as they navigate an ever-shifting business landscape. Let’s face it – it can get lonely at the top, and things rarely get less complicated. So, how getting results be less complex and elusive. Getting results requires a leader to do more than proclaiming their vision from on high. It requires gaining the buy-in of their people and the alignment of the organization’s resources to get the job done well. It is in the execution that the majority of all visions and strategies fail. So what’s missing?

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™

Your teams are made up of talented employees that your business has spent time and resources to put in place. If you’re like most companies, hours of interviewing and assessing went into place to make sure you had just the right people on the team. Despite those efforts, silos, egos, and strained working relationships impact individual, team and organizational success. What if you had a program that could help team members learn to work together better to become more effective and engaged? What if your teams could do better?

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Productive Conflict

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